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MODU Toy - Curiousity Kit
Price RM699.00
Brand MODU
Size (L x W x H) 50 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm
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The MODU Curiosity Kit. The content of this starter kit will teach your kids how to balance, rock, jump, ride and more. Building creations that adapt to your kid’s motor skills is part of the fun and this simple kit alone will get you going.


Your child can build life size functional toys using this MODU Curiosity Kit.


MODU is a super size modular system of blocks that can be interconnected and built into all kinds of constructions, ride ons & activity toys. Sleek and clean, super size foam blocks included in this kit are hard wearing & durable.


MODU designed to trigger the physical activity & imagination of kids. MODU also encourages & supports every stage of development. In addition, it could enhances development such as hand-eye coordination, motor skills, sensory exploration and creativity.


Explore MODU’s many functions with the general principles presented here and go even further by building your very own creations — imagine, build, move in an endless play loop!


More than 4 creations can be constructed with this 14 pieces of MODU Curiosity Kit. 

This Kit includes (total of 14pcs of items) :-

- 3 blocks

- 6 connector pegs

- 4 wheels

- 1 inspiration booklet



Material : EVA foam & food-grade ABS

Dimension :  50 x 30 x 20 cm

Product weight : 2250 g

Load-bearing : maximum of 50kg for pegs and wheels

Suitable Age : 0-6 years


Care Instructions : Gently wipe with dry or slightly wet damp cloth. After wiping with wet cloth please let them dry completely. 


Cleaning Intructions : Clean your building blocks with dishwasher detergent and a clean brush. Or put your elements in the dishwasher — but be aware of pointy tray ribs that can leave marks and use a short program on 40 degrees Celsius or lower. If your MODU is dirty but still fun to play with, simply bring it to the shower as a bath toy.



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What's in the box

BLOCKS; are not just building blocks. Use them as stepping stones or discover each of their unique characteristics — some are stable while other will wobble, tip and rock.


PEGS; can be used as both connectors, handles and foot bars — and even tails or ears on a monster. That’s also why there are different lengths. Long pegs are often good for building stable creations.


WHEELS; can make your creation run in all directions. The small swirly wheels are fast and swirling fun. The big foam wheels can be combined with the pegs in two ways: One will run silently, while the other will make your creation buzz. Being very stable, the big wheels are particularly useful during the early stages of walking and riding.